Organic Body Sugaring | Hair Removal 

“We use organic sugar paste for our Brazilians, brows and the rest of your body sugaring. We do not

practice cross contamination as in double dipping with wax sticks. That common practice can leave you

vulnerable to serious disease such as staph, strep and other bacteria. Reasons why we love sugar:



  • Zero toxic chemicals or resins

  • Water soluble - it will never ruin equipment, beds, floors and clients clothing 

  • Will never adhere to live skin cells

  • Will never burn skin as it is barely lukewarm

  • Bacteria does not breed or survive in sugar

  • Natural healer to the skin

  • Will not damage delicate facial skin tissue from long term use

  • Removes hair in direction of natural growth

  • Very little (if any) discomfort

  • Superior end results

  • Becomes definitive

  • Removes hair of 1/4 inch growth 

  • Will assist in diminishment of ingrowns for clients who come in with this problem

  • Can sugar areas with spider veins and varicose veins or diabetics and dry itch eczema

  • Skin is left feeling soft and clean, even before aftercare

  • Never hardens, even if left on skin

Our space is extremely sanitary and we provide as comfortable of a service as possible with better results,

with a superior hair removal medium with a lot less pain.”

45.      bikini                      

65.      extended bikini            

85.      Brazilian bikini

70.      Brazilian maintenance   

35.      brow shaping

25.      brow maintenance        

15.      lip 

40.      brow and lip               

20.      chin                        

20.      sideburns                    

65.      full face                   

65.      back    

20.      shoulders            

45.      arms half                 

65.      arms full                  

35.      under arms              

65.      legs half                  

85.      legs full                  

$         other


*Hair removal prices are a starting point depending on area,

  hair growth and pre-treatment.


** All prices are subject to change.

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